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Lugares En Bacalar

Places of tourist interest near Bacalar

Sailing on a sailboat in the Bacalar lagoon is not only one of the best tourist experiences in this Magical Town of Quintana Roo, but also one of the most pleasant vacation experiences that the Mexican Caribbean offers in general.…

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Cenotes Bacalar

Cenote Negro or Cenote La Bruja in Bacalar

Bacalar is for many travelers a valuable vacation secret, an area full of ecotourism wonders and wild corners conducive to adventure and the most intense emotions. Sites as fascinating as the Cenote Negro or La Bruja, make the Magical Town…

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Fuerte De San Felipe Neri

Fort of San Felipe Neri Bacalar

The historical background of the Fort of San Felipe Neri - historical construction which is also known as the Castillo de San Felipe - is very interesting. These are valuable references to the past of Bacalar, one of the Magical…

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Tour the Bacalar Lagoon by sailboat

The Bacalar lagoon, a body of water of the Magical Town of the same name, is also known as the "Laguna de los Siete Colores". It is a vast water-bearing extension of moderate depth that has light, fairly smooth sand.…

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